Facial FAQ’s


Here at Mia Bellezza, we pride ourselves with our high qualilty Facials. It’s our goal to help you keep your fascial a pleasant and exiciting experience by using all of the tools at our disposal to achieve a high quality facial. During all of our facials one or more of the facial machine functions are in use, so we can achieve the best results. These are the benefits of doing this technique.

  • 1. Reduce puffy eye
  • 2. Reduce dark eye circles
  • 3. Reduce dark patches
  • 4. Repair ance scars
  • 5. Anti- ance
  • 6. Reduce imflamation

Is High Frequency Safe?

Absolutely! High frequency is considered a very mild and non-invasive approach to fantastic results! It’s pain free and highly effective.
Tips For Use:

  • Start at Lowest Setting
  • Always Touch Electrode To Fingers Before Your Face
  • Avoid Broken Skin, Broken Capillaries
  • Don’t Use AHA or Glycolic Acids With Treatments
  • Don’t Wear Metal During Treatments
  • Pregnant Women Should Not Use High Frequency

Vacuum Benefits

  • 1. Remove skin impurities and grease
  • 2. Deep skin cleansing

Galvanic Benefits

  • 1.Remove impurities of skin
  • 2.Nourish skin
  • 3.Refine pore
  • 4.Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • 5.Improve skin texture
  • 6. Skin firming

Spray Benefits

  • 1. Skin Hydration
  • 2. Skin whitening
  • 3. Improve skin tone

*note- For sensitive skin when the use of facial machie is not required, derma-globes are going to be used.
The benefits of warm/hot Derm-A-Globes include muscle relaxation, opening the pores of the skin, and soothing painful joints. Also enhances penetration of creams and lotions and helps relieve sinus headaches.

Tips on Keeping Your Skin Clean and Beautiful

  • 1. Avoid Touching Your Face with Dirty Hands
  • 2. Opt To Use a Clean Make-Up Brush to Apply Foundation
  • 3. Always Wash Your Face Before Bed
  • 4.Never Sleep With Make-Up On
  • 5. Opt For Oil Free, Hypoallergenic, Non-Comedogenic Skincare
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