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There has been both a consistency and a couple of underlying reasons for removing hair: beauty and hygiene. There is a basic understanding of the body that an esthetician needs to have in order to properly remove hair. It isn’t as simple as slapping on some wax and pulling it off the body. There is a technique that needs to be utilized and we are very specific with the technique we use. The wax,
removes the hair from the root, this method makes the new hair to take up to three weeks to grow, ending hours in the bathroom, using razor blades that cause skin irritation, ingrown hair, and leave the hair thicker. I use a technique that allows removing the hair by the root, leaving the skin, smooth and clean. All material is discarded after each client. The constant utilization of waxing makes the hair grow thinner and softer causing less discomfort to remove them.

Did you know that wax exfoliates your skin?

Your skin loses about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells from the surface almost every minute, even though you do not see it happening. This is why exfoliating is so important to keep that healthy glow! Waxing not only removes unwanted hair, but it removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it silky smooth and vigorous!

Waxing Facts and Tidbits.

The” Brazilian Bikini” and “Full Bikini” were first introduced in 1987 in USA, revolutionizing the hair removal world. In 2000 this modality gained notoriety and began to be embraced widely among women. Why 2000 you ask? Well the most popular show on TV that year was “Sex in the City”. Women everywhere were watching when Carrie Bradshaw found a new swagger in her step after waxing it all off, and once Carrie was bare down there…, well, the rest it appears is history. It’s now commonplace to see even men waxing on a regular basis. Whether it is their back, shoulders, legs, or even, dare we say, a bikini wax, men like the feel, the look and hygiene of less hair.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax removes all of the hair from the genital area. All of the hair on the outside of the vagina, the inside of the vagina, and the inside of the anus is removed. Hot wax is put on the genitals and then the hair is removed along with the roots. Since the Brazilian means everything off , don’t be surprised when the technician removes the hair between the buttocks. Yes, for most people, hair grows there. If you want to be completely bare, this is called a “Hollywood” wax.

What is a Bikini Wax?

Bikini wax This is the least extreme form. All pubic hair covered by the bikini is left in place. Only straggling hairs on either side are removed, so that none is visible when a bikini with high-cut sides is being worn.

What to expect for BRAZILIAN WAXING?

  • 1. Most waxings occur in a private room with a door. You’ll be left alone to remove your pants and underwear and you’ll be asked to lie on a table with clean paper or sheets. It is possible that you may be provided with a paper thong for bikini waxing, but not for brazilian waxing.
  • 2. Because you only need 1/4 inch of hair for the wax to grab onto, your waxer may trim pubic hair to the correct length. A general rule of thumb is that hair needs to be a quarter-inch. Any shorter and it’s too hard for the wax to grab onto.
  • 3. The esthetician will dip a wooden waxing stick into a pot of hot wax and then spread it onto your skin and hair. She will then apply a cloth strip over the still-warm wax, pressing firmly so the cloth, hair and wax adhere to one another. When the wax has cooled, she will pull the strip off, in the opposite direction of your hair growth, pulling the hairs out by the root. In the genital area a hard wax will be used, which is thicker and is peeled off when cooled. It can be less painful.
  • 4. You may be asked to help hold skin taut.
  • 5. Once the waxing is complete, the esthetician will tweeze any stray hairs. The esthetician will spread soothing lotion over the waxed areas.

Before and After Wax Care

  • 1. Before your brazilian wax session, you should take a shower and wash your pubic area. This will allow you to be more comfortable during the brazilian wax session as your beautician will become very intimate with your pubic area.
  • 2. Try to schedule your brazilian wax session for a week after menstruation as the genital area is least sensitive.
  • 3. To make you feel less sensitive during your brazilian wax session, try to avoid caffeine, stress and nicotine. Be sure to have lots of sleep so that you can relax.
  • 4. Alcohol tightens the pores, so it is not a good idea to consume before getting waxed.
  • 5. Typically, you’ll need to wax every 3 to 6 weeks and trust me, the first time hurts the most. The more you do it, the less painful it becomes.
  • 6. The procedure, like any waxing, can be very painful the first time, but frequent visits usually cut down on the pain factor as does 2 Advil taken an hour before your procedure. The downside of a Brazilian wax… while it lasts 3-6 weeks, the hair will grow back — albeit finer and lighter — and you’ll have to do it again.
  • 7. Hair has to be a certain length before it can successfully waxed. Hair needs to be a quarter-inch. Any shorter and it’s too hard for the wax to grab onto.
  • 8. You may experience red bumps or ingrown hairs, caused when hairs grow curled under the skin. Avoid ingrown hairs with regular exfoliation in the direction of the hair grows and a scrub that contains salicylic or glycolic acid. Treat existing ingrown hairs with an acid-based solution. (it sounds like it will sting, but it doesn’t). I also hear great things about Bliss ingrown hair eliminating . Get rid of burns or rashes with a hydrocortisone cream, which soothes irritation. To keep ingrown hairs at bay, make sure to exfoliate the area in the days leading up to your appointment.
  • 9. . Book the appointment for at least a week after your period. “It’s best to wax mid-cycle, right around the time you’re ovulating,” says Jodi Shays, owner of Queen Bee Salon & Spa in Los Angeles in Allure Magazine. As for the embarrassment factor — we like to think getting a Brazilian can’t be any more embarrassing than a typical visit to your gynecologist’s office. The technician have seen it all before.
  • 10. . Avoid hot treatments for 24 hours after waxing – such as: bath, Sauna, Steamer, Sun Bed, fitness…
  • 11. It is best to wear loose cotton material underwear after treatment.

Do Not Get Waxed If:

People who have diabetes, chronic kidney or liver disease, skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, or weakened immune systems should avoid waxing altogether.
If you’re taking AHA, Renova®, Retin-A® or corticosteroids such as hydro-cortisone, prednisone, Kenalog®, and Elocon® you SHOULD NOT get waxed in the treated areas. If you are under the treatment of Accutane® you SHOULD NOT get waxed.
“Anytime you compromise the integrity of the skin, you’re going to increase your risk of infection.”

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