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Have questions about waxing, browse our FAQ to find the answer to the most asked questions regarding body waxing.


Does the Brazilian waxing hurt?

Yes, it does hurt some, but each person will have areas that are more and less sensitive. You can compare it to removing a band-aid from a hairy area of the body. Your tattoo hurt much worse. The area may remain a little pink for up to 24 hours if you have sensitive skin. A pretreatment can be applied to make areas less sensitive.

What do I wear for my Brazilian waxing?

Socks. A towel will be provided to drape over any areas you do not want to be waxed if you would like, otherwise clothing gets in the way and could be damaged, it is best removed altogether.

How long does a Brazilian waxing last?

Usually your Brazilian wax will last 2-4 weeks for the average person to keep it really smooth. Some men are comfortable with up to 6 weeks of growth. Remember that if the hair gets over 1 inch long it is harder to work with. The ideal length is ¼ of the inch.

If I have shaved the area to be waxed how long do I have to wait to get it waxed?

Usually until the hair is ¼ of inch long in the bikini area for a Brazilian waxing.

What if the hair in the private area has never been waxed, cut or shaved?

If the hair in the area to be waxed has never been clipped or shortened it would be OK if you trim it back to 1/4 to 1/2 inches long. This is a comfortable length to be removed by waxing.

Will I get stubble from waxing?

No, there should be no stubble from the waxing the hair is removed not cut off. It will grow back slowly and softer as the ends are not blunt or scratchy when it does grow back. Not all hair grows back at the same rate so that keeps the hair less dense until it is all grown back. The only time the hair might break and create stubble is if it breaks because the growth direction can not be determined.

What do I need to do to care for my Brazilian waxing?

After your waxing treatment the technician will apply aloe gel to the area that has been waxed. The area will be allowed to dry and a nourishing lotion will be applied. You should wait at least 3 hours to shower to allow the pores of the skin in the waxed area to close. On the second day after your Brazilian you should start to exfoliate the waxed area. This is done to insure the waxed area does not get any ingrown hairs. With more waxing treatments the hair will grow back slower, finer and with less density.

What will my Brazilian waxing cost?

A Male Brazilian waxing starts at $85.00. The more area involved in the waxing and the more time involved the more the cost. A consultation in person before the waxing is the only way to set an exact price for your waxing. It depends on the areas involved and the density or the hair in each area.

Is it possible to wax other areas of the body in conjunction with the Brazilian wax?

Yes, it is possible to wax several areas at the same time and many men like to do just that. When you make your appointment be sure to mention all the areas you would like to have waxed. This will insure the preparation is completed for your Brazilian waxing as well as any other waxing needs.

What If I Get Turned on During a Male Brazilian Waxing?

This is a great question because things happen in the waxing room that no one ever talks about. The question that doesn’t get asked is the most embarrassing and can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared.
Answer: Yes folks, there is a possibility of being turned on. It is not really the sexual turn on that we are all thinking about. It is more of a physical reaction that sometimes can’t be avoided. There is a possibility that men will have an erection while on the waxing table. This is completely normal.

I Have an Erection, What Do I Do?

Well you are not alone. It happens quite often. Relax and don’t worry. Trust me, after a few rips of the wax strips you will not have the issue anymore.

Why Did I Get an Erection?

It is not that you are turned on it is that your genitals are being handled and it is physical reaction. Think about it. A stranger is handling your genitals. A tug here and a rub there- it’s bound to happen.

Now What?

Just stay relaxed and do not get too embarrassed. Your esthetician has probably been in this situation many times before and like any other professional, she will continue on like nothing has happened. This does not just happen to the men. There are a few women who have a physical reaction as well. Since most of the time women have very few outward reactions it doesn’t get discussed very often. Remember that it is more common then you think and your esthetician should be professional enough to work through the issue. Stay relaxed and the pain will take care of the rest!

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